Cannabis + marijuana in Bend, OR


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Cannabis + marijuana in Bend, OR

Don’t mind if I doobie

Bend isn’t just about breweries, biking, and beautiful scenery. Bud is another big reason why people visit Bend—and business is booming. With 27 dispensaries in Bend and counting, local cannabis farms, and the “Bud and Breakfast,” a cannabis-friendly rental loft, the Bend cannabis and marijuana scene is welcoming, convenient, and diverse. In Bend, it is possible to get higher than 3,600 feet. 

Cannabis in a jar in Bend, OR

What are Oregon’s Cannabis laws?

Cannabis. Marijuana. Weed. Bud. Pot. Grass. Ganja. Whatever you like to call it, it’s legal in Oregon for people 21 and older to possess and use recreationally. 

In 2014, Oregon voters approved the legalization of marijuana for recreational use (Oregon became the second state in the U.S. to legalize the medical use of marijuana in 1998). Since the legalization of recreational cannabis, the industry has grown significantly.

In a nutshell, legal pot is a major tax revenue generator. But before you hand over your money, familiarize yourself with Oregon’s cannabis laws.

  • You’ll need your ID to make any purchase! Only persons 21 or older with a valid government-issued ID can enter a dispensary—and you will get carded. 
  • Non-Oregon residents can purchase recreational marijuana but not medical marijuana.  
  • There is a limit to the amount of cannabis you can possess. While in public, recreational users of legal age may possess 1 ounce of flower, 1 ounce of cannabinoid extracts or concentrates, 16 ounces of cannabinoid product in solid form, and 72 ounces of cannabinoid product in liquid form.
  • Those 21 and over are permitted to cultivate up to four cannabis plants at home, but only in enclosed locations that are not visible to the public.
  • Driving under the influence of ANY marijuana remains illegal. Please be responsible.
  • You can’t take marijuana across state lines, even to states like Washington and California where recreational marijuana is also legal. Conversely, you can’t buy marijuana in another state and bring it into Oregon.
  • Be prepared to bring cash or use an on-site ATM. Credit cards or debit cards may not be accepted at some dispensaries. 
Display of cannabis gummies in Bend, OR

Dispensaries in Bend, Oregon 

Much like craft breweries, there seems to be a marijuana dispensary on every corner these days. It’s easy to find the right flower, pre-rolls, edibles, or concentrates for you with our bounty of dispensaries in Bend. Whether you’re a novice or a “cannabisseur”, you’ll discover many small, neighborhood dispensaries in Bend offering great products, familiar favorites, local specialties, daily deals, and friendly service. Looking for a locally-curated strain grown just down the road? What about a great deal on pre-rolls? There’s a Bend dispensary for you.

It all started with four friends and avid snowboarders who were unimpressed with the dispensary options they were seeing. It was either Bob Marley posters on the walls of “Captain Stoney’s” weed shop or white-coat medical shops that resembled an Apple store. They wanted something that better reflected Bend’s fun outdoor and travel vibe. So they launched Tokyo Starfish offering a casual, creative, and active lifestyle cannabis shopping experience. They’ve since expanded to three locations in Bend. Tokyo Starfish carries a number of Oregon brands and offers their own house brand of flower and pre-rolls. And they’ve stayed true to their snowboarding roots, sponsoring several professional and amateur snowboard athletes and featuring art and memorabilia from the sport that brought them together. 

Looking for places to stay in Bend? Right above Tokyo Starfish’s Box Factory location, you can rent a two-bedroom + loft apartment. This Bend vacation rental sits in a central, walkable location and is the first and only “Bud and Breakfast” in Bend. Completely cannabis friendly, the apartment is an updated westside cottage built in the early 1900s conveniently near the Deschutes River, downtown, the Old Mill District, and the Hayden Homes Amphitheater.

Oregon Euphorics is an inviting cannabis boutique located off 14th Street inside the inner courtyard of the Century Center. They carry flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, and topicals in a bright and modern space. Relationships are at the heart of Oregon Euphorics—with their suppliers and with their customers. Their deep connections with top growers in Oregon mean better quality products for you. All of their products are independently and thoroughly tested for safety and potency. Every step of the process is transparent to the customer. And you’ll never be hurried along in your decision. Friendly and knowledgeable budtenders take the time to ensure you leave with the product that fulfills your unique needs. 

Oregrown isn’t just a simple cannabis shop, it’s a lifestyle brand. You’ll often see happy customers sporting their beanies and hoodies around town. The company also sponsors local events like Bend Summer Fest and movie nights. As a farm-to-table cannabis company, the Oregrown team cultivates organic, indoor cannabis and processes world-class products in the pursuit of unparalleled craftsmanship in every facet of their supply chain. As the first, exclusive Oregon producer for PAX Era and Jolly Greens Hard Candies, Oregrown’s cultivation and extraction professionals craft several of the state’s premiere dispensary products including their own lines of Oregrown flower, extracts, and concentrates. 

Launched in 2014 from the dream of three long-time friends, Cannabend is a marijuana dispensary that serves the 21 and over public as well as medical patients. Understanding that every customer is unique, Cannabend has a wide range of products to meet different tastes and preferences including smokers, non-smokers, and gluten-free eaters. You’ll find knowledgeable and kind budtenders who make sure your specific needs are met. Cannabend features a large edibles selection, including beverages, as well as topicals and sensual oils. And they proudly offer a 10% discount to Veterans.

The first thing you’ll notice about The Local Market is its Banksy-like storefront mural. Brightly colored and humorous, it tempts you to take a peek inside. Give in to that feeling, you won’t regret it. The Local Market offers a premium selection of exclusive, connoisseur-quality products from highly-regarded brands in Oregon. The owners are continuously searching the far reaches of the state for top-shelf products, bringing expertly selected cannabis flower, concentrates, and edibles with the best flavor and effect to Bend. 

Woman-owned and Oregon-grown, Plantae believes the more love that goes into farming practices, the better the crop. That’s exactly how five generations of their family farmed the land, carefully tending to crops from planting to harvest. Cannabis is no exception. Plantae’s cannabis is grown by family farmers, on an actual farm, and in a greenhouse—not a warehouse—to harness the natural, energy-efficient power of the sun. Plantae is passionately dedicated to environmentally conscious cannabis farming because it’s the right thing to do for our planet and it’s the right thing to do for their customers.

Jars of cannabis buds in Bend, OR

Where can you use marijuana in Bend, Oregon

You’ve got your bud, now you’re wondering where to indulge? First, you’ll have to leave the dispensary as on-site consumption is illegal. 

Adults 21 and older can use recreational marijuana at home or on private property. It’s unlawful in Bend to consume cannabis in public places. Public places are places where the general public has access. This includes, but is not limited to, common areas in apartments and hotels, highways and streets, schools, parks and playgrounds, and premises used for public passenger transportation (such as bus stops). Here’s a good rule of thumb: if someone outside of your home can see you, you’re probably in public. Importantly, while cannabis is legal in Oregon, it is not legal federally. Bend is surrounded by public lands that are managed by the US government (Deschutes National Forest and the Bureau of Land Management), and cannabis may not be consumed on federal land or properties.

Landlords have the right to restrict the use and growth of marijuana on their property. Check with your landlord or rental property management regarding their rules about using marijuana or making goods containing marijuana in the home or property.

You won’t be able to order a pint with your pot. Marijuana consumption at Bend’s bars and restaurants is illegal. Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission prohibits the use of marijuana at a premise with a liquor license. Allowing marijuana use may put an establishment’s liquor license in jeopardy. 

Pro Tip

Still have questions? Oregon’s cannabis regulations can seem overwhelming at first, especially if you’re visiting Bend from out of state. Take a look at these FAQs and what’s legal. You can also find additional information at