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Food trucks in Bend, Oregon

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Over the past decade, Bend has become one of the hottest food truck destinations in the West, with at least one new pod popping up nearly every year. Bend’s first, The Lot, opened in 2013 following in the footsteps of the established food truck scene in Portland. Why wouldn’t this new model for quick, informal, quality outdoor dining work in Bend? This place is known for its love of the outdoors, after all.

Since then, dozens more have opened across Bend and our neighboring communities. Here’s our take on the many great options within Bend city limits. We’ll highlight each respective pod versus the individual options since the food trucks themselves often bounce around between locations when their seasonal contract ends.

Food trucks at Bevel Brewing in Bend, OR

Pro Tip

Pace yourself! Each of these options are so good and so exciting, but there are always more options than you can check off your list. But if you are going for the World Record run, make sure to save us a bite.

Bunk + Brew

A self-proclaimed haven for dirtbags, Bunk + Brew offers unique and affordable lodging, food, and entertainment just 2.5 blocks from downtown Bend. With frequent events and concerts, a backyard beer garden, and several rotating food trucks, this is an authentic Bend experience. Catch a shuttle with them to Smith Rock to climb for the day. Then head back to the historic Lucas House, where a hot shower, food, beer, and even a sauna await. Stay the night, or just grab some tacos!

Crosscut—Warming Hut No.5

A more modern food cart pod, Crosscut is centered around a beautiful raw timber structure featuring 36 taps of beer and cider and surrounded by several rotating food carts. Just a stone’s throw from the Box Factory and the Old Mill District, this is a popular option within close proximity to several others in case the food options aren’t quite what you’re after.


Just down the street from Crosscut, Crux Fermentation Project is one of Bend’s finest breweries. On the sprawling lawn outside, there are several great food cart options. El Sancho’s taco truck has been a mainstay since the earliest days of Crux, with authentic Mexican-style street tacos cooked up to order. With usually two or more additional options on site, Crux is a great family option just a short walk from the Old Mill District.


Situated on the western edge of Bend just off of Century Drive (gateway to Mt. Bachelor and the Cascade Lakes), between the border of the Deschutes National Forest and the edge of the Deschutes River, LOGE is one of the most unique lodging options in all of Central Oregon. With three excellent food truck options on the property, several fire pits, a coffee bar, bike rentals, a pool, a stage with regularly scheduled live music in the summertime, and an open lawn for seating and play, LOGE is built for Bend. Cog Wild Mountain Bike Tours & Shuttle is headquartered on-property as well, offering full-service guiding and shuttle service. What better way to finish a great mountain bike ride than with live music and food trucks next to a roaring fire?

The Lot

Bend’s first pod, The Lot, defined the revitalization of the Galveston corridor, just a few blocks from Drake Park and the Deschutes River, offering diners a break from the more traditional indoor dining options in downtown Bend. Opening in 2013, the iconic design featured a central taproom and a large, covered seating area. Around the perimeter of that seating area, 5 to 6 rotating food trucks provide plenty of options.

Midtown Yacht Club

Bringing the booming food truck scene to the midtown Bend, Midtown Yacht Club has a large covered bar area, along with plentiful outdoor seating and several fire pits for patrons of the 7 different food options on-site. From gourmet tater tots and hot dogs to vegan comfort food, there’s something for everyone here. Well, except for those expecting to find a slip for their boat anyway.

The Office at Silver Moon Brewing Co.

Five great food truck options tucked in behind Silver Moon Brewing Company provide another option within walking distance of downtown Bend. The chill patio vibe here makes this a great option for a quick weeknight bite. Or take that burger inside for one of the best brews in Oregon!

Eating pizza at On Tap food trucks in Bend, OR

On Tap

East Bend has a vibrant food cart scene in On Tap, just across from St. Charles Bend. Complete with 35 rotating taps at the covered taproom, 6 different food truck options, and plentiful seating, On Tap makes choosing where to meet for lunch and where to take the family for dinner on Friday night easy.

The Patio at 9th Street Village

Surrounding one of Bend’s newest breweries, Bevel Craft Brewing, the Patio offers 4 outstanding food trucks. Complete with a disc golf basket, a skateshop with a halfpipe out back, and high top tables to meet friends new and old, this is Bend’s south side. Just down the street from Vince Genna stadium, grab a bite here before or after an Elk’s baseball game.

The Podski food truck lot in Bend, OR


One more great option across from the Box Factory, Podski is perhaps one of the biggest groupings of food carts in the area. At last take, there were a total of 10 different carts with diverse offerings, from fresh seafood to unique desserts. Bend’s top-rated vegan food spot for 2023, Toasty, is located at the Podski. Or just pull up a chair at the spacious indoor bar and grab a drink from Podski’s generous taplist. The neighborhood vibe here is second-to-none, with several other food cart pods, the Old Mill District, the Box Factory, and proximity to downtown Bend rounding out the walkable options for a very full evening if you are looking for the bar-hopping social vibe after you finish your pad thai or tacos.

River’s Place

The other food truck pod on Bend’s east side, River’s Place features a central covered tap house surrounded by half a dozen diverse food truck options. Patio seating between it all (dog-friendly) offers diners a great place to unwind with friends. Live music on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays makes River’s Place a great neighborhood entertainment spot.

Food truck pods in Bend