Tin Pan Alley art collection


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Tin Pan Alley art collection

When it comes to Bend’s art scene, we want you to engage a little. You know, shake a painting’s hand and compliment the way the frame shows off its svelte figure.

We’re proud Bend has an award-winning collection of public art. We like to think our public art makes it easier for you all to get to know each other amid day-to-day activities like parking your car or shopping Downtown. You might choose to linger awhile, or you might toss each other a passing wink of appreciation for the breathtaking views, fresh air, and great art and culture we all share.

Artwork in the Tin Pan Alley art collection in Bend, OR

That’s the idea behind the Tin Pan Alley Art Collection—creating beauty and interest in locations that are sometimes overlooked. The collection features works from Jesse Roberts, Sheila Dunn, Taylor Rose, Andrew Wachs, Megan McGuinness, Megan Phallon, Lori and Lisa Lubbesmeyer, as well as several others. These artists were chosen for their talent, vision, and passion for Bend, and you’ll find their work adorning parking garage walls, sides of buildings, and alleyways.

There are currently 28 murals that are part of the Tin Pan Alley art collection, scattered throughout Downtown Bend and the Old Mill District. The murals are four feet by eight feet and are easy to locate. Each has a museum-quality plaque that describes the piece as well as the artist who created it.

An artwork in the Tin Pan Alley art collection in Bend, OR

Find the Tin Pan Alley artworks

Craving more public art? Stop by the Bend Visitor Center to check out a monthly, rotating exhibit featuring local artists (come for the extended hours on First Fridays!) and, while you’re there, grab a brochure for the Roundabout Art Route, part cultural diversion and part artistic scavenger hunt. With over 48 roundabouts and counting, the City of Bend, in collaboration with Art In Public Places, has been adding some artistic genius to our traffic circles since 2001.